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Q/ What does volunteering involve ?
A/ Whatever you want it too involve !

Q/ What skills are needed to become a volunteer ?
A/ Honesty, Compassion and the Motivation to help others less fortunate than ourselves !

The most important aim, as a Charity is to fundraise and raise awareness about our ongoing projects, also to provide opportunities to meet new people from around the globe, and also to have fun at our events.

Your Opportunity to make a difference to someone’s life … If you would like to get involved in fundraising in your local community on behalf of WorldAid, we would be happy to hear from you. We are very grateful for every volunteer's contribution, great or small, as together you help us make the difference, to people less fortunate than yourself. You may be able to use your skills on specific projects, helping to organise media publications, researching new fund raising opportunities or even finding raffle prizes for our events.  You could also help during one of our many events and fundraising activities. Volunteers make a huge contribution to our vital work and help us reach more vulnerable children and adults around the globe. We have a wide variety of voluntary opportunities within our charity ranging from Event Managers / International Project Co-Ordinator / Public Relations to Fundraising . Whatever your background is, you’ll find that volunteering for the WorldAid is rewarding and challenging. Knowing that you are helping to make a difference to the lives of vulnerable adults and children, is inspiring to others around you. Currently our volunteers consist of a diverse spectrum from all walks of life.

Ways to volunteer and support WorldAid:

  • Organise and create your own event with our support

  • Making a donation in memory of a friend or family member/loved one

  • Fundraising at your work place

  • Food tasting evening

  • Parachute Jump

  • Direct Debit donation

  • Plan a fun day…. The list is endless

We would like to THANK all our Donors and Volunteers.
Without your considerate support we would not have come so far !

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